We are a team of 3 mothers, who try to make your baby feel cozy andcomfortable wearing timeless casual clothes made from high quality materials for a good start of their trip to the Moon and back…

We produce things only by hand using 100% cotton, linen, wool and BELIEVE that comfort and practicality can make us look stylish and creative at the same time.

Our story

All of this started with a simple step. We – 3 best friends – Indre, Audra, Daiva – used to meet every Friday to make crafts. We had thousands of ideas and started by binding books, making greeting cards, wax candles, felt slippers, necklaces, knitting sweaters, hats, socks, making clothes and nursery items for babies. All three of us felt obsessed with craft making. Soon we started making handmade gifts for our friends, friends of friends, community members and etc. People found our stuff to be nice, practical, well made and started placing orders for them.  They also encourage us to open an online store and so we did it without having a formal business plan, we just followed our passion and intuition in what is good for the little ones. Now we are glad to share casual, stylish, well made, comfortable, kind to skin items with you and inspire you to live a simple, happy, cozy, healthy life and cherish the moments with your little ones on each casual day.

Why handmade

We all live in a world where most things are mass produced. We produce things which are made by hand in small quantities and it is our authentic voice in this common space, called The Big World.

For our little ones the Big World can be a cozy, unique space where they can feel safe and happy. It depends on how much we support our baby with care and love. We care about the materials, the process and the quality. Our inner critic forces us to reach perfect results. We don’t count hours creating a new design or sewing a new dress and we are not in a hurry.

Our handmade products offer you:

·         High quality 

·         Attention to details

·         Authenticity 

·         Softness and comfort

By buying our products you support a small independent business and contribute to keeping crafts alive.